Western Dressage Bag Giveaway Winners

We asked WDAA members to submit a photo of their horse on the loose for a chance to win one of our Western Dressage tote bags. The contest lasted for a week. Participants were from all over the country and even Canada. Bags were sent to New Jersey, Georgia, California, Oklahoma,  Maryland and Ontario, Canada. We want to thank everyone and their beloved horses for their participation. Photos are the property of their owners. Scroll through the image gallery to see everyone.  http://westerndressageassociation.org

Andra Gheorghe
Win a Western Dressage tote bag

Share with us your horse "on the loose" for a chance to win one of our tote bags. Winners will be announced and published on our website. Email photos and bios at shophorseontheloose@gmail.com


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Designing North Studios Interview

We are excited to share the interview we had with Designing North Studios about our brand and the story behind our designs. They captured everything in such a cool way!


Andra Gheorghe
Future Designs

Polo is an exciting sport to watch and it inspired us to create a design for future tote bags. Send us an email if interested to pre-order. We'd love to see this design on future bags!

Andra Gheorghe