Your custom portrait

Have you wondered how you and your horse would look like in the Horse On The L o o s e style? Do you love modern art and need a new piece on your wall? If your inner artist says yes, get in touch with us at for more details and requirements. 

Andra Gheorghe
From our archive

Not long ago, actually it's been more than ten years, we tried out oil painting and what else was there to paint besides horses? Polo riders and their horses on the field turned out to be a very dynamic subject. Years later, although we don't play polo ourselves, we liked the sport and wanted to showcase it in our collection. Polo is featured on one of our embroidery patches, as well as on the C4 equestrian belt collaboration. 

Andra Gheorghe
Happy New Year!

We're cantering into 2018 and also reflecting upon last year, all the new people we've met and places we've been. We are very excited to share with you new products as they become available. To a happy horsey year!

Andra Gheorghe
Western Ride in the Malibu Hills

We are very excited to introduce our brand ambassador, Scarlet Walker. We visited Scarlet at her beautiful place in Malibu and went on a scenic western themed ride. Scroll through our photos in the slideshow below. And make sure to follow Scarlet on Instagram @malibucowgirl to fall in love with her equestrian journey.

Andra Gheorghe
Horse & Style Magazine

We love reading about all things equestrian and wanted to share with you a magazine we think it is not only very stylish, but has articles we enjoy reading. Horse & Style would make anyone love horses! We like it so much, we decided to do an ad in this year's Fall issue. 

Andra Gheorghe
Equus Film Festival

Horse on The Loose is excited to have our bags go to the Equus Film Festival this year as prizes for the WINNIE Awards!!

The fifth annual EQUUS Film Festival will take place November 17-19 in New York City and is the first event of its kind to offer a home to the storytellers of the horse world, with films, documentaries, videos, commercials and shorts from around the world and also cultural elements of fine equestrian art and literature.

Founded in 2013 the EQUUS Film Festival 2016 presented over 150 films and over 60 WINNIE Awards including Equestrian Art Film, Director, Documentary, Commercial, International, Music Video, People’s Choice and Best of Festival. The addition of WINNIE Award categories in 2016 for Literature and Art will round out our commitment to being the home to the storytellers of the horse world.

FOR RESERVING TICKETS GO TO: and click on the Ticket Link on the top left. 

Please follow Equus Film Festival on their social media for most up to date news:






Here is gallery of photos from past festivals. Photos are property of Equus Film Festival and have been used with their permission. For more awesome highlights visit

Andra Gheorghe
Western Dressage Bag Giveaway Winners

We asked WDAA members to submit a photo of their horse on the loose for a chance to win one of our Western Dressage tote bags. The contest lasted for a week. Participants were from all over the country and even Canada. Bags were sent to New Jersey, Georgia, California, Oklahoma,  Maryland and Ontario, Canada. We want to thank everyone and their beloved horses for their participation. Photos are the property of their owners. Scroll through the image gallery to see everyone.

Andra Gheorghe
Win a Western Dressage tote bag

Share with us your horse "on the loose" for a chance to win one of our tote bags. Winners will be announced and published on our website. Email photos and bios at


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Designing North Studios Interview

We are excited to share the interview we had with Designing North Studios about our brand and the story behind our designs. They captured everything in such a cool way!

Andra Gheorghe
Future Designs

Polo is an exciting sport to watch and it inspired us to create a design for future tote bags. Send us an email if interested to pre-order. We'd love to see this design on future bags!

Andra Gheorghe