Scarlet Walker, California

Scarlet is an all around equestrian! Her parents first sat her on a horse when she was 6 weeks old, she attended her first horse show when she was 1.5yrs old - it may have been a leadline class but she has been hooked on showing ever since. She has tried every style of riding- dressage, cross country, western pleasure, hunters, penning, cutting, polo, equitation, side saddle you name it! She currently shows jumpers, barrel racing and team sorts. She has several awesome show horses "Martinique" and "Pre Madonna" that have helped her achieve many championships and awards recently.  

Her and her mom run a family owned business (that her mom has had for over 30 yrs) called Horses for Productions. The majority of the horses that they own and train have come from situations where they were not wanted anymore. Some horses have come from slaughter/auction, some with behavior issues, and some just from families that could no longer afford the fees that come with being a horse owner. They give the horses a second chance at a neat new life! After the horses have passed numerous behavior tests they use them for photoshoots, movies, commercials and their favorite music videos! Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Snoop dog, Sia , DJ Khaled -just to name a few!

Scarlet and her whole family love horses and the special bond you can have with them and she can never imagine her life without horses in it! 

Scarlet loves throwing all her stuff for a horse show or production job in one of our Horse on the loose bags, grabbing one of our belts to hold up her jeans or breaches and putting one of our many patches on her saddle pads! Her favorite is the unicorn of course! 

Andra Gheorghe